I’m gonna just quickly share an easy to make drink – perfect for when you have guests over or when the kids are on holiday.

Berry Flavoured Apple Squash

Berry Flavoured Apple Squash

Its made with Woolworths Berry Flavoured Apple Squash. Although the instructions say dilute with water, I’ve diluted it with Sprite.

Saucy Steak + Pasta

The following dish is derived from throwing a few things together and very simple to make. No tomatoes needed for the gravy.

Saucy Steak and Pasta

Saucy Steak and Pasta

While shopping, I found a sauce in Woolworths called “Peppachita sauce” (their own brand). It is my new favourite sauce for pasta – I cannot explain how divine it is!

What you need:

Cubed steak
Steers Peri Peri Sauce
Peppachita sauce
Spices and salt to taste

Braise a little onion in oil and add your cubed steak. Add whatever spices you’d like. I used chilli powder, gharam masala and dhania + jeera powder. Add salt and pepper. Once its cooked, add Steers peri peri sauce and peppachita sauce. You will know how much to add judging from the amount of steak you used. Mix well.

Make pasta as you normally would.

Mix saucy steak into pasta. Ready to eat. Serve with salad.

I added some Peppachita sauce from the top and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chicken Curry + Rice

This is my favourite curry and special because its the first curry I learnt to make when I was a teenager. My mom taught me how to cut up a whole chicken – which I still know how to do but out of convenience I buy my chicken already cut (and skinned if I see it). Woolworths has a lovely selection.

Chicken Curry, Rice with Salad

Chicken Curry, Rice with Salad


8 pieces of chicken (thighs + drumsticks)
spices and salt to taste

Braise onion in oil. Add spices and salt. For the above I used 2tchilli powder, 2t dhania + jeera powder, 1t gharam masala and about ┬╝ttumeric powder (I dont usually use this spice). Add washed and skinned chicken pieces. Add garlic (the ones that you get at a spice store -ready for cooking). Cook till done. Add potatoes (I cheated for the potatoes – bought the ones where you microwave for 10 mins – I look for the easiest and convenient way). I halved them before throwing it in. Lastly added about 1.5 tomatoes and let it cook for a while.


Basmati rice (Tastic one in a green packet)
tumeric powder

Add boiling water to a pot and throw in rice, salt and about ┬╝t tumeric powder. The tumeric powder is optional, I used it for the colour. Boil till done.

Ready to eat.

Serve with salad

Something Chinese

This is one of the easiest dishes to prepare

Stir Fry

Stir Fry

What you need:

Woolworths Chinese stir fry
Stripped chicken fillet
Soy sauce

Stir fry chicken and add light spices and keep aside. Add stir fry and follow instructions on the pack.
I’m not a fan of ‘egg noodles’ so I tossed it and added my own 2 minute noodles. Add soy sauce.
Lastly add chicken. Salt to taste.

Ready to serve.


On Saturday was my first weekend waking up in my new house. With the excitment still looming in the air I decided to wake up earlier than usual and make pancakes. Eggs and sausages that early would have been too much for my husband and I – who don’t even eat breakfast on work days.

Pancakes with Apricot Jam

Pancakes with Apricot Jam

So I opted for something lighter… but it actually felt heavy. Needless to say, we enjoyed them. I ended up making a little too much.

The basics went in:

lemon juice

I used apricot jam as a sweetener – couldnt decide between cinnamon or maple syrup.