Saucy Steak + Pasta

The following dish is derived from throwing a few things together and very simple to make. No tomatoes needed for the gravy.

Saucy Steak and Pasta

Saucy Steak and Pasta

While shopping, I found a sauce in Woolworths called “Peppachita sauce” (their own brand). It is my new favourite sauce for pasta – I cannot explain how divine it is!

What you need:

Cubed steak
Steers Peri Peri Sauce
Peppachita sauce
Spices and salt to taste

Braise a little onion in oil and add your cubed steak. Add whatever spices you’d like. I used chilli powder, gharam masala and dhania + jeera powder. Add salt and pepper. Once its cooked, add Steers peri peri sauce and peppachita sauce. You will know how much to add judging from the amount of steak you used. Mix well.

Make pasta as you normally would.

Mix saucy steak into pasta. Ready to eat. Serve with salad.

I added some Peppachita sauce from the top and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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