Chops done differently

On my recent trip to Durban, my mother in law made the following chops for us for breakfast. Everytime I go down, I am positive I put on weight. Its just that everything is so divine, its so difficult to say no to seconds.

I dont know what its called, but its basically, dipped into flour and egg and fried, in the end.

Firstly, wash chops and remove all fat. Marinate them in the following:

  • chilli powder
  • dhania / jeera
  • tumeric powder
  • salt
  • lemon juice

Marinate over night or for a few hours.

Place chops into a pot with ¼ cup of water on low to cook for about 25-30 minutes. Do not turn, unless you feel you have to. Once done, remove and let the chops cool.

Sprinkle flour onto both sides of the chop and dip into beaten egg. Fry on medium heat on frying pan until coat is slightly browned.

I made a batch with ½kg chops this weekend (and regretted not making it with 1kg!). I served it with potaotes and coleslaw.

A nice alternate the usual way of eating chops – which gets boring.

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