Baked Butternut

Last night’s supper was baked butternut, stuffed with peppadews and feta.

After slicing the butternut and removing the seeds, I made slight diagonal cuts to the butternut and drizzled olive oil over. Baked it on 200ºC for 25 minutes, uncovered. For the ‘stuffing’, I cut up peppadews and added crumbled feta and mixed it. Sprinkled the butternut with salt and black pepper. Served with baby potatoes and salad.

The result: I loved it! The sweetness of the butternut after it is baked combined with feta and peppadews give it such a lovely taste – I cant explain.

2 Responses

  1. what a great idea.
    i’m a fan of all the ingredients you’ve used, so this one is a total winner for me.

  2. This looks lovely. I love butternut, but have never really been successful at cooking it. Will try baking it uncovered – I think that is the mistake I have made in teh past.

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