Kebab Chutney

When I was still living in Durban, one my favourite lunches used to be kebab and roti, which I used to buy from an Indian shop in Musgrave centre. My mom also used to make a tasty kebab chutney and I think my dish is sort of similar to hers, seeing that she taught me the basics of cooking.

This is still one my favourites and so easy to make.

What I did:

Once the kebabs thawed, I washed them and set it aside. In a pot, heated some oil and braised an onion. Added spices – chilli powder, garam masala, dhania & jeera powder, very little tumeric powder and green chilli. Added about 3 tomatoes, which had been liquidized. Let the chutney cook for a bit until a nice gravy forms. Lastly, threw in the kebabs (12), and added some ginger & garlic. I cooked it for about 7-10 minutes. Garnished with fresh corriander and served it with hot rotis.


Last week I was wondering what to make because I still had some left over sausages from the day before. Its very difficult for two people to finish a tray and gets boring to eat the same thing. So I decided to make a chutney.

Sausage Chutney

Sausage Chutney

All I did was use half an onion, a tomato, some chilli sauce and some spices. I then added the sausages after slicing them. It took just over 5 minutes to throw together. We ate it with rolls.

Other options with left over sausages: add to spaghetti with tomato sauce or use as home made pizza topping.