Chilli Bites

chilli_boxYes, this is another out-of-the-box test. While I was walking around at the Good Food & Wine Show, Osman’s Spices had some chilli bites already prepared – it was left for us to try. I was craving something savoury, so I tried one. It was really good. I wanted to buy a box right there but they weren’t selling them (not a smart move).

While I was at the Indian spice shop, same place I picked up the tandoori spice, I saw these chilli bites.

It was not what I was after – they didnt have the Osman’s brand, so I went ahead and bought these. I thought its a good week for trial…. and maybe error 😉

I added a chopped onion, grated potato, a green chilli, and water. I ended up adding too much water, so I added some plain white flour into it, to get the right consistency.

I fried them – they took 2 minutes per batch. Not bad.

The verdict: I enjoyed them – savouries always go down well with me.
He said: Too oily (he does not eat samoosa’s for the same reason) – they are fried in deep oil
Perfect for: unexpected guests coming over; afternoon weekend snack or when you have an Indian or savoury craving.

Kebab Chutney

When I was still living in Durban, one my favourite lunches used to be kebab and roti, which I used to buy from an Indian shop in Musgrave centre. My mom also used to make a tasty kebab chutney and I think my dish is sort of similar to hers, seeing that she taught me the basics of cooking.

This is still one my favourites and so easy to make.

What I did:

Once the kebabs thawed, I washed them and set it aside. In a pot, heated some oil and braised an onion. Added spices – chilli powder, garam masala, dhania & jeera powder, very little tumeric powder and green chilli. Added about 3 tomatoes, which had been liquidized. Let the chutney cook for a bit until a nice gravy forms. Lastly, threw in the kebabs (12), and added some ginger & garlic. I cooked it for about 7-10 minutes. Garnished with fresh corriander and served it with hot rotis.

Chicken Curry + Rice

This is my favourite curry and special because its the first curry I learnt to make when I was a teenager. My mom taught me how to cut up a whole chicken – which I still know how to do but out of convenience I buy my chicken already cut (and skinned if I see it). Woolworths has a lovely selection.

Chicken Curry, Rice with Salad

Chicken Curry, Rice with Salad


8 pieces of chicken (thighs + drumsticks)
spices and salt to taste

Braise onion in oil. Add spices and salt. For the above I used 2tchilli powder, 2t dhania + jeera powder, 1t gharam masala and about ¼ttumeric powder (I dont usually use this spice). Add washed and skinned chicken pieces. Add garlic (the ones that you get at a spice store -ready for cooking). Cook till done. Add potatoes (I cheated for the potatoes – bought the ones where you microwave for 10 mins – I look for the easiest and convenient way). I halved them before throwing it in. Lastly added about 1.5 tomatoes and let it cook for a while.


Basmati rice (Tastic one in a green packet)
tumeric powder

Add boiling water to a pot and throw in rice, salt and about ¼t tumeric powder. The tumeric powder is optional, I used it for the colour. Boil till done.

Ready to eat.

Serve with salad