Marie Biscuit Dessert

A good friend of mine blogged the following dessert and dedicated the post to me.  So I decided I had to give it a try. I don’t know what the exact name is so not sure what to call it.

What you need

  • Nestle caramel treat
  • Marie biscuits
  • Coconut/ diced almonds

Spread the caramel treat liberally on the Marie biscuits and stack them on top of each other. Cover the sides, top and bottom.

Once everything is covered, roll the stack in the coconut / almonds. (I skipped this step).

Cover in foil and freeze for a couple of hours.

When ready to eat, cut on the diagonal and serve with ice cream or cream.

I used strawberries too – it cut down the sweetness of the caramel – which is very sweet.