TV Snack

I was looking for a focaccia recipe a while back but didnt want to try something from the Internet – well I much prefer a recipe that one of our food bloggers have already tried. Since I didnt have one I decided to lightly toast some bread and slice it up and make a tv snack using the Nomu tomato and chill pesto I received. I choose savouries over sweet any day!



After slicing the toast up, I added the pesto and put some grated cheese and thyme and microwaved it for about 30 seconds.

It wasnt too bad – something I’d definitely make again.

Spaghetti with Pesto + Sundried Tomato

On my way home yesterday, I had no idea what I’d be making or which product I’d be using from the package I received. All I knew was that pasta would be involved. As I was browsing through Woolworths, I picked up sundried tomatoes in olive oil and knew this is what would be going in. When I read the label closely, it said serve with pasta and basil pesto – perfect! The tomato and herb pesto mix would go nicely too. I wanted the taste of the dish to be the pesto – so opted for a vegetarian dish – meat would have been abit complicated.

This was the end result

Spaghetti, Pesto + Sundried Tomato

Spaghetti, Pesto + Sundried Tomato

What you need

spaghetti (about 350g)
sundried tomatoes
Nomu tomato & herb pesto mix
extra virgin olive oil
Danish feta

Boil spaghetti, drain and set aside. In a bowl, add 2T tomato & herb pesto mix, and add 5T boiling water. Mix nicely. Then add 2T extra virgin olive oil. Mix again.

Add pesto into spaghetti and coat nicely. Place a portion onto a plate and add sundried tomato from the top and then top off with crumbled Danish feta.

Ready to eat!