Last week I was wondering what to make because I still had some left over sausages from the day before. Its very difficult for two people to finish a tray and gets boring to eat the same thing. So I decided to make a chutney.

Sausage Chutney

Sausage Chutney

All I did was use half an onion, a tomato, some chilli sauce and some spices. I then added the sausages after slicing them. It took just over 5 minutes to throw together. We ate it with rolls.

Other options with left over sausages: add to spaghetti with tomato sauce or use as home made pizza topping.

Spaghetti with Baked Beans & Sausages

Before you think, what an odd combination, it is very tasty. Try it at least once. It’s very easy and quick to make when you don’t know what to make or want to try something different.

Spaghetti, Baked Beans & Sausages

Spaghetti, Baked Beans & Sausages

What you will need

  • Koo Baked Beans
  • 300g Spaghetti
  • Sausages (about 6)

Cook as you normally would. I always prepare pasta in the microwave.

I put it into a frying pan and cover it with water and let it boil. When water dries up, sausages are ready.

Baked Beans
I add some spices to the baked beans as I don’t like the sweet taste that it has. In a pot, I heat a little oil, add chilli powder, gharam masala, jeera powder and dhania powder. I add the baked beans in and mix it for about 5 mins.

Once that all the above is done, chop the sausages and throw it in the baked beans. Mix into spaghetti.

Ready to eat.