Tandoori Chicken

When it comes to Indian cooking / cooking with spices, I rarely (ok, up until this weekend, never) buy premixed spices. I always add my own quantities of each spice to whatever I’m making. I learnt from my mom and she would also cook this way, meaning she wont use a briyani mix that you get sold at stores.

Over the weekend I was at a spice shop and saw a packet of tandoori chicken spice – all you had to do was add yoghurt and marinate, before grilling. I decided to give it a go – test it out and see if its worth buying. If you work full time and rely on convenience cooking, it would be ideal.

As per instructions on the the packet, added yoghurt to the spices and marinated drumsticks and thighs for a few hours in the fridge. I then baked / grilled it for about 25-30 minutes on 200°C.

This is what it looked like: (I expected it to come out slightly more red).

I served it with rice and salad. You can also serve it with raita.

The verdict: I liked it, so did my husband. It was spicy and hot.
He said: Will definitely eat it again.
Perfect for: Lazy weekends – not much effort involved or weekdays if marinated in the morning.
Alternate serving options: Naan or rolls.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a dish best served cold.

This is a very easy potato salad and I promise, even if you hate going into the kitchen, you can pull this one off.

I used 2 potatoes, peeled and washed, and boiled it until it was firm but not hard or mushy. I mixed salad cream and some cream cheese I had in my fridge for the dressing. Mixed it nicely and added salt and pepper. Garnished with fresh chives. I served it with some premarinated Texan steak.

Fruit Salad

I’m sure most of you have your own way of making a fruit salad. My mom used to make it with pawpaw / papaya. I was not too fond of it, the smell was enough to chase me away.

I’ve made my own version, since I’ve started eating healthier.

What I used:

  • oranges – slightly blended
  • strawberries
  • grapefruit
  • variety of melons
  • grapes
  • grated apples
  • orange juice

Tuna Pasta Salad

This is one of my favourites, and so easy to throw together.

Tuna Pasta Salad

Tuna Pasta Salad

What you need:

Cherry tomatoes
green pepper
Salad cream

Other options / ingredients include boiled egg, or different colour peppers.

As you know, I microwave my pasta. That is actually the longest part. Thereafter, set as you would like and ready to eat. Simple and perfect for lunch.